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Chartered Institute of Building
Englemere, Kings Ride Ascot Berkshire SL5 7TB, Ascot, UNITED KINGDOM

Contact person:
Mr. Saleem Akram
Construction Innovation and Development Directorate

phone +44(0) 1344 630 736
fax +44(0) 1344 630 713

Partner's CV:
Saleem Akram
Gavin Maxwell-Hart

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  The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) is the leading professional body for managers in construction with over 40,000 members worldwide. For almost 175 years the CIOB has lead the way in establishing, promoting and maintaining standards of excellence in the construction industry, and now sets the pace on a global scale for the education and professionalism of those who manage the construction of the built environment. The CIOB currently has over 42,000 members working in over 94 countries. A dynamic institution that works to a rolling and constantly evolving corporate plan. The right to use the initials MCIOB or FCIOB is recognised internationally as achievement of the premier professional qualification in construction management. Globally, it is the passport to a successful career. The CIOB is dedicated to raising standards throughout the world to the benefit of customers, clients, contractors and its members.

Role of the participant organisation in the proposed project

CIOB has wide experience on British market in coping with innovative vocational trainings. It creates didactic methods of vocational trainings. CIOB has essential knowledge background concerning vocational education especially for engineers and employs highly qualified staff. In TEP-PPP project CIOB will be responsible for co-ordination of all partners works connected with preparation of the proposal for PPP procedures. These procedures will be needed to formulate training modules, trainers manuals and innovative training methodology.

Skills and expertise of key staff involved in the project

Mr Saleem Akram, Director, Construction Innovation and Development represents CIOB on this project. He has an extensive experience of EU project, construction and contracts management. He holds a Bachelors degree in civil engineering and postgraduate Masters degree in construction management. He regularly contributes technical articles in various periodicals. He is interested in construction management and PPP projects.

Mr Gavin Maxwell-Hart, Director, Laing O’Rourke construction Ltd and Vice-Chair CIOB Education Qualificati Standards and Practice Board .He has some 35 years of experience within the construction industry. Since 1984 he has been a Director of companies working in the UK and various locations worldwide. He is at present a Business Leader with Laing O’Rourke. During the past 10 years, he has gained a wealth of experience from a variety of different civil engineering PPP/PFI projects in Europe, the West Indies and India.ons.

Mr Arnab Mukherjee, a project management professional and is a Technical Consultant to the CIOB. He has a Bachelors degree in Construction Technology, a Masters degree in Construction Management and an MBA. In addition to his experience at operational and strategic project management, his interests include procurement strategies including PPP-PFI and Knowledge Management. He has also published a number of articles in various journals on these issues. Dr Sarah Peace is Research Manager within the Construction Innovation and Development team at the CIOB. Sarah has worked in the construction industry since 1994 after completing her degree and subsequent masters degree in construction management at Reading University. She has produced a number of high quality best practice reports and delivered training workshops on partnering in the UK construction industry. Her PhD thesis was entitled 'Partnering in the UK Building Industry'.

Dublin Institute of Technology
143-149 Rathmines Road, Dublin, Republika Irlandii

Contact person:
Dr Louis Gunnigan
Wydział Zarządzania i Technologii Budownictwa(Department of Construction Management & Technology)

tel. +353 1 4023604
fax +353 1 4024099 CV Partnera:
Louis Gunnigan

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  With over 2000 staff and nearly 16,000 students, the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) is a comprehensive higher education institution, fulfilling a national and international role in providing full-time and part-time programmes across the whole spectrum of higher education, supported by research and scholarship across a wide range of disciplines. This is reflected by its six faculties, namely: Applied Arts, Built Environment, Business, Engineering, Science and Tourism & Food. Within the last five years, in faculty of the Built Environment – working closely with the faculty of Business, DIT has built up a considerable level of expertise in the use of Public Private Partnerships and now offers a growing number of post graduate research opportunities in this area. Staff have also been active in building up international links in PPP and this is reflected in active involvement with such bodies as the UNECE Team of Specialists in PPP in Transition & Market Economies. DIT is continually seeking to further its activities in PPP, an objective that would be served by being a partner in a project such as this.

Role of the participant organisation in the proposed project:

- DIT will carry out an analysis of the “state of the art” of PPP in the participating countries and produce a report on PPP in each partner country detailing: - The history of PPP use;
- The size of current and future PPP market;
- Current procedures for PPP use;
- Likely issues to be faced in the event of continued/increased PPP use.

Skills and Expertise of key staff involved with the project:

Dr Louis Gunnigan holds a PhD from University of Salford where he carried out research into the means by which PPP can be used more effectively in the process of establishing and delivering project objectives. He is an active member of of the UNECE Team of Specialists on PPP in transition and market economies. As part of this team, he recently produced a training module on Regional and Municipal Governance of PPP for the Russian Federation. He also supervises a number of PhD students researching PPP in DIT.

Mr Ray Turner is a lecturer in Construction Management at DIT. He holds a primary degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (Construction Project Management) from DIT. He is currently undertaking a PhD into financial modelling in PPP through the Technical University of Delft. As part of his duties in DIT, he supervises an M.Phil student who is undertaking research into conparisons between PPP and other procurement systems.

Bükreş Sokak 7/1-5 Çankaya, 06680 Ankara, Turkey

Contact person:
Mrs. Altan Dizdar
European Project Coordination and Management
mobile +90 532 651 52 95

phone +90 312 466 51 16
phone +90 312 466 51 17
fax +90 312 427 66 96

Partner's CV:
Altan Dizdar
Cuneyt Dilsiz

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  ERBIL is one of the leading providers of engineering, consulting and project design services in Turkey. In a combination of wide range of disciplines, knowledge, and experiences of our professionals are providing a comprehensive service that is consistent, unique and of the highest quality. ERBIL delivers innovative solutions in both large and small scales projects for international clients, assisting them in helping achieve competitive advantage through improved environmental and engineering performance. Its underlying philosophy is a worldwide commitment to supporting sustainable development through responsible environmental stewardship. He makes joint-ventures with the foreign companies for the tenders announced by the European Union Commission fro the works to be established in the environmental, infrastructure and engineering fileds.ERBIL provides EC programme consultancy by establishing and making of innovative research and technological development projects for and with its customers and business partners. ERBIL has a great ability from its LdV pilot and ToI projects WASTE-TRAIN, PROWAT, ACES, ENV-ETHICS in serving considerable contribution to this project. This allows assisting the consortium to succeed in LdV programme with maximum benefit.

Role of the participant organisation in the proposed project:
Turkish ERBIL PROJECT CONSULTING ENGINEERING CO.LTD. will be responsible for preparation of didactic materials and trainings (workshops) for PPP tutors. PPP workshops are aimed at helping the tutors understand the nature of PPP as well as facilitate the transfer of knowledge on the subject of PPP.
A series of steps need to be undertaken in order to successfully complete Package 5:
- preparation and printing of didactic materials for tutors of PPP,
- preparation of courses (workshops) for tutors of PPP, among others on the subject of interpersonal skills and art of presentation.

Skills and expertise of key staff involved in the project
Altan Dizdar
Graduated from Civil Engineering of Middle East Technical University, Ankara-Turkey, in 1984.Specialized in infrastructure & environmental projects and on the management of transportation, solid waste and waste water treatment plants and drinking water network projects. Has an experience in training by being a trainer in Middle East Technical University. She is the technical director of tendering operations, projects needs assessment and Project Risk and Management works and managing the foreign relations of ERBIL. Currently executes the duty of coordinator for two Leonardo da Vinci pilot projects, WASTE-TRAIN and PRO-WAT, and of partner for ACES, ENV-ETHICS ToI />
Cuneyt Dilsiz
Graduated from Dept. of Hydrological Engineering at Hacettepe University, Ankara-Turkey in 1993. The Philosophy of Doctoral degree be obtained from Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands upon the subject matter of life and environmental sciences. Trained on organization management, project management and human resources management. Offers expertise in all aspects of EC funded VET and R&D programmes and />
Ismail Avan
Graduated from Civil Engineering department of Ankara University in 1974 and working as a project manager in ERBIL.He is making and organizing technical evaluations and testings for the products of European Projects.He has the experience to coordinate the projects technically. Coordinates and manages the relations of ERBIL with foreign joint-venture partners.

Warsaw University of Technology
Armii Ludowej 16, Warsaw, Poland

Contact person:
Dr. Eng. Paweł Nowak
Department of Construction Engineering and Management

tel. +48 22 234 6515
fax +48 22 8257415

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  The Faculty of Civil Engineering was founded in 1915 but its tradition date back to the beginning of 18th century. Students are taught at the specialization of Civil Engineering (engineering, MSc and PhD studies). The Faculty also offers English-medium studies - Civil Engineering. Moreover, the didactic offer includes postgraduate studies - Management in Civil Engineering. The Faculty building is located at Armii Ludowej 16, here there are most lecture rooms and didactic and research laboratories. A great collection of the faculty library comprises over 9,500 books and 27 titles of Polish journals. Additionally, the library collects special publications, closely connected with the specializations. The Faculty employs 146 academic teachers, including 18 professors (10 titular professors) and 8 associate professors. The total number of students is over 2500. In the 90-year-long tradition of the Faculty, thousands of engineers graduated from it, and they have creatively used their knowledge in engineering work, as well as in research work in Poland and abroad. Scientific research conducted at the Faculty concentrates on the following fields: durability of materials and buildings structures, special concrete technologies, aspects of sustainable development in civil engineering, design and implementation of modern water- and chemically-proof insulations, energy audits and certificates, design, diagnostics and reinforcement of structures. The Faculty cooperates with many foreign universities, including the University of Michigan in the USA, Vilnius Giedyminas Technical University, Moscow Academy of Civil Engineering and the Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Dnieptropietrovsk, Liege University, Technical University (RWTH) in Aachen, Leuven Catholic University, Lubljana Research Institute (IRMA) and the Institute of Technology and Norms (NIST) in Gaithensburg.

Role of the participant organisation in the proposed project

Warsaw University of Technology will be responsible for the process of dissemination. This work package is aimed at promoting PPP as a tool of effective and successful execution of public tasks, as well as promotion of the programme itself.
The dissemination process shall include the below listed elements:
- design and preparation of a detailed programme of dissemination data on the subject of PPP,
- promotion of the TEP-PPP project as well as its results among target groups in countries participating in the project,
- publications about PPP in trade press of the countries participating in the project,
- organising conferences about PPP in countries participating in the project,
- meetings with representatives of the PPP market in countries participating in the project,
- participation in courses, workshops and trade conferences (promotion of both PPP as well as the project itself and its results),
- preparation and distribution of leaflets and other forms of written documentation informing about the project for technical universities and construction companies in countries participating in the project,
- promotion on the Internet (website).

The results of work package 8 shall be:
- Result no 1: Didactic materials for PPP CPD courses,
- Result no 2: tutors’ book on PPP procedures,
- Result no 3: booklet on state of the art of PPP and PPP Procedures in EU,
- Result no 4: assumptions for PPP Incubator.

Universidade do MINHO
Campus de Azurem 4800-058 Guimarães, Portugal

Contact person:
José Cardoso Teixeira, Associate Professor
Civil Engineering Department

tel. +351 253 510 216
fax +351 253 510 217

CV Partnera:
José Manuel Cardoso Teixeira

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  The University of Minho (UMinho), founded in 1973, began its academic activity in 1975/76. UMinho is renowned for the quality of its teaching, the quality of its students, the public recognition given to its Alumni, and for its strong interaction with the industry, intervention with the local community, surrounding region and whole Europe. Throughout the years the University has achieved a high reputation as an institution of learning and leadership, combining strategic vision with a capacity to innovate, and rigorous scientific, academic, administrative and financial management. UMINHO provides research programmes, organised in Research Centres, Institutes and Groups. The University is also committed to several projects in purely national programmes – POCTI, POSI, AGRO, PRIME, etc - and to many projects supported by international frameworks, namely the European Union’s. Statistically UMINHO has 52 undergraduate courses, 140 Diploma specializations / MSc courses, 36 PhD areas and 44 Research Centres.

Role of the participant organisation in the proposed project
Portuguese Universidade do MINHO will be responsible for preparation and carrying out of the test course about PPP. The aim of the test course is to check whether the courses prepared meet the expectations of the courses’ audience/recipients.
For that purpose tests, e-tests, case studies as well as questionnaires concerning the PPP courses prepared ought be created.
UMINHO should also systematically monitor the process of preparations of the PPP didactic materials.

Skills and expertise of key staff involved in the project

José Manuel Cardoso Teixeira is an Associate Professor of University of Minho. He has a PhD in Construction Management by Loughborough University of Technology in the United Kingdom. He has already cooperated with WUT, PBCP and CIOB on other EU projects. His knowledge and experience will contribute to achieving the project’s aims.


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